Flower Power Plimsolls

Step by step guide

  • Step 1

    Thought all white plimsolls were the same? Not with a crafty makeover that brightens them up beautifully. After gathering you material from the ‘What You Need’ list, remove the laces from one plimsoll and paint a neat red circle around the first eyelet. Then carefully paint a frilly flower shape with your first circle in the top petal. Fill in with red paint, leaving the centre blank. Now paint another half flower on the toe.
  • Step 2

    Before the red has dried, mix up an orange using red and yellow. Use this to fill in the centre of your flowers and try to blend it in with red at the edges. Then, using black, paint a dot right in the centre of your flowers and paint the stems.
  • Step 3

    Take the other plimsoll and repeat steps one and two with a mirror image of your flowers. When the paint on both is dry, coat with nail polish to protect your artwork when you wear them to show off your fancy footwork to the world.