Bodacious Baubles

Step by step guide

  • Step 1

    Gather everything you need: clear glass baubles, acrylic paint, pipettes, water, and an inner Christmas glow. Prepare to unleash creativity by mixing up a bunch of watery colours – they need to be fluid enough to suck up with the pipettes and easy to squeeze out again.
  • Step 2

    Get ready for powerful Christmas magic. Fill each pipette with a different colour. Satisfying? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Lay them out on a napkin and remove the metal fixing from your bauble. Choose your fave colour combo and get ready to go bauble-listic.
  • Step 3

    This is the part you’ve been waiting for: squeeze your colours inside the bauble. Let them cascade and swirl around. You can completely coat the glass or leave some uncovered – it’s all down to what your inner artist decides. Give the bauble one last swirl and place upright on a table or back in the packaging to dry. Easy-treesy.